Fruitful Leadership

Rod Shimabukuro

"So I will go and speak to their leaders. Surely they know the ways of the Lord and understand God's laws." But the leaders, too, as one man, had thrown off God's yoke and broken his chains." (Jeremiah 5:5)
Spiritual leadership, whether in the church, at home or in the business sector, is crucial to fruitfulness. The Jews found this out when the kings and rulers of Israel did not adhere to the directions and ways of God.

In the state that Israel was in, being over run by Babylon, Jeremiah knew who to address first, that is leadership. Fruitful living and success rises and falls on leadership - husbands, fathers, teachers, business owners, managers, pastors, ministry leaders...
I feel like God threw (a little) cold water on my face to wake me up, through this passage in two ways:
  1. There are a few attitudes I must bring under the reigns of the Holy Spirit in order for me to be fruitful at home and in my ministry. I cannot be slothful and apathetic in my approach to God, as He speaks to my heart about these poor attitudes.
  2. There a a few leaders I must be praying and watching out for, lest they misunderstand the ways of the Lord and lead others into barrenness in relationships and service. I must be sure to do as Jeremiah - "go & speak to the leaders."
Daddie God,

The presence of Your Holy Spirit is so real. Thanks for revealing Your ways and helping me to understand Your heart. Your Word has given me direction and I desire to be more like Jesus in my leadership - at home and on behalf of Your people!

Devotions for August 10

Jeremiah 5,6
John 12

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